Why Life Will Always Be Good

Life is good just for life itself and not necessarily for you.

You are part of everything and everything is part of you. It’s a weird paradox you’ll have to embrace. Your existence is the most important thing in the world and the least important thing in the world.

A purposeful and unmeaningful blend. A microcosm of energies. A fusion.

You can do something amazing with your life and then get hit by a car and life itself will still be amazing.

You are currently reading a specific pattern of thoughts that ran through my mind in a virtual conversation. We’ll probably never meet. When is this going to stop being amazing? I am part of you. You are part of me. At this very moment. It is happening.

So if I get hit by a car, will I really be dead? Was I ever alive? Your 10-year-old-self had hopes, dreams, fears. Aren’t those integrated into the overall structure of the world? Into you? Into my present self?

You are just a set of energies, ideas, thoughts, and genetic variations. The energy floats around. It is a big mix where we all have access.

You can choose to have a view where the world is dreadful and unpleasant. Or you can have a view where you say:

You know what? The world is both nasty and amazing and I just want to live my part where I can contribute. I can just make something out of it and just do the best that I can whether it happens or not. I will simply control what is in my control.

And that’s the kind cycle that I’ve seen happen as I’ve gotten older.

I wanted to thank you for reading.

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