Racism: all it takes is little push

created: 06.06.2020; modified: 06.06.2020

Racism is so weird to me. I understand that it is a sum of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years of human evolution, with complex elements and dynamics attached to it, but it is still such a volatile ingredient in the whole context of humanity's journey through time and space that it becomes a very overwhelming problem to think about. Burns your calories down, as the plurality of its facets keeps growing.

And all you need is a little push.

But what if the push did not happen?

I think that the context of the whole situation is something we all need to be on the same side. A police officer kneeling on the neck of a human being for a few straight minutes while everyone told him (including the man) that he cannot breathe is something that we as a society label as bad. This whole social construct is oversimplified by our underpowered brain engine as we are still struggling to comprehend.

As Abraham Maslow once said, “When a man has a hammer, then everything begins to look like a nail.”

A biologist might tell you that aggression is caused by genes and hormones.

A psychologist might tell you that early childhood experiences or one's abnormal way of thinking.

A sociologist might start thinking about the cultural, political, and religious structures that shape human society.

In other words, it’s complicated.

It is easier to think categorically, but there are some caveats, as one will be unable to see how similar or how different two elements are.

Can a socially caged human being be so overwhelmed by the cumulative stacks of chemical imbalances he had over the years so that his brain simply runs into override and crushes in the worst way possible?

What occurred in the prior second that triggered the behavior? Why the long minutes? What about prior to minutes that triggered the nervous system to produce that behavior and make it last?

We are living in a word where we should have adapted to an overwhelming amount of sensory stimuli, right? But much of that is either way, running unconsciously.

Another issue I see is that because of it being ingrained into our human biology now, I am not able to see a way to get rid of it. Maybe finding a way to correct eye-sight as the subjectivity of the colors and the shapes of our surroundings is biologically constructed to categorize and be racist? And I am just being random here.

I also feel like we've caged ourselves so that almost anything we say can be considered racist to some degree. We are using the terminology in our jokes, social life, and movies. "That's racist!" you might hear someone say as a joke to an old friend. But is it, really? We do not know, and we do not think about wanting to know the real answer. We just act. Our mental apparatus short-circuits how we see and act so that it turns against us so many times.

Why is the brain into this?

And by push I mean death.

I wanted to thank you for reading.

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