Behind The Scenes of an Apple Event: As Told by a Sobbing Android Cameraman Hired to Film IT

I am watching Apple WWDC 2020 (Worldwide Developers Conference)  and I'm wondering what people behind production feel like.    

To film an event, an add, a trailer, a teaser - Apple needs to hire a media/film production company and have a crew with a specific skillset. I believe that Apple has one of those for years, gradually adapting along the way, swirling with ideas as the years go by. And I know that I am oversimplifying this, but bear with me for a second.

At some point in the production process, a non-Apple crew of employees will be among the first to see all the new features coming with a new product or software release. That crew will, of course, sign tons of paperwork while also swearing not to release what they are about to see and work with out into the world.  

I am going micro, and I imagining a cameraman having to film Tim Cook going through his talk track, talking with the director, deciding on his voice inflections. And sure he is a cameraman working on a company collaborating on an Apple project, and can definitely put that on his resume, but he is still a cameraman who now has the information only a few know about.  

While fixing the camera lens to better grasp Tim Cook's excitement, our guy also remembers that he has an Android phone, right there, on set. What blasphemy!  

And he slowly learns about the changes Apple brought to their software. By modern-day technology, they are all pretty basic, and we all learned that a smartphone could do that years back. Widgets, translation, and folder organization processes, our cameraman already had them all in his pocket. He checked the weather in the morning and the local news while sitting on the toilet. And he continues to do his job, adjusting the camera, being agile and active on duty. Then he needs to work on some sessions with other Apple top peers so that they too can present and talk about features they want the world to think we haven't seen before. And it all goes the same for the people in post-production. A visual designer sitting at his computer and having to make everything look beautiful. What is he thinking about when he is enhancing these amazing new features?  

Our cameraman was hired to do the job of filming Apple's event. And am sure that the whole film crew is filled with Apple aficionados, but I am also wondering about these Android guys on set who are watching Apple employees act when they present the future, while they already have it in their back pockets.

And I know that the crew is there to do the job, but sometimes it is decent to think that your work will embed one more small brick into how our culture perceives technology.

This is a quick pamphlet I built. I am still an Apple fanboy.

I wanted to thank you for reading.

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